Monday, March 26, 2012

POF vs OkCupid

I don’t know how many of you have actually tried online dating but I have noticed a distinct difference in some of the sites. I would like to share my perception of the sites that oi have been on. In all fairness I have joined these sites out of sheer curiosity so don’t judge me too harshly LOL . There are too many sites to give an overview at once so I’ll do a couple at a time.. First up POF vs Ok Cupid

POF – Plenty of Fish
This site should be called plenty of fucks and or plenty of STDs

I have to admit I get my most entertaining emails from this site. I feel like I should have at least one nipple out and a vagina shot to even be considered relevant on this site. I have met a few nice young men that I have developed an online friendship with but I have found more freaks than gentleman.

My Favorite POF personalities I have met are:

The Pornstar ( I have seen his videos LOL)
The guy who likes me to watch him Jack off on Skype
The Ex Mormon that loves Vegas
The Vegas DJ

My synopsis of POF is.. this is a site for people looking to hook up, older gentleman that are trying to hang onto their youth and want to objectify women, young cubs looking for a cougar (if being in your late 20’s makes you a cougar I’m in trouble) and over the hill men that want a sugar baby but are too cheap to join

Pros: Hours of free entertainment
Cons: I feel like a I need a trip to the free clinic almost every time I get an email from there LOL


I have only been on this site for a few days but I have found that its kinda like E-Harmony and They make you answer all these ridiculous questions and send you “Quivers” based on the questions you have answered. People seem to be a little more relationship oriented on this site. I have not gotten any requests for sex or naked pictures yet. What I don’t like about this site is it tells people how likely you are to respond I apparently respond “Selectively” . I don’t really know how I feel about being called out. If I want to be a picky bitch that should be information I decide to share not that dumbass OkCupid robot. OHHHH the robot I could write an entire post on him alone! So when you answer these questions it makes you rate the importance of the answer a potential mate would choose. I marked most of my irrelevant because Im not really as judgmental as I probably come off. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if its wrong ( Or different than mine seems all the same to me lol ) Im still getting my feet wet on here and trying to gage how lame this potentially could be.

Pros: Has a lot of the same features the pay sites use (Personality tests, giving you matches, GPS stalker option)
I met a really nice guy that’s not a douche so far, hes funny, equally as sarcastic, has a semi sissy dog but lives on the east coast :) oh and hes kinda handsome I guess :)

It sends you emails to tell you how awesome you are!

Cons: The lamest questions ever! and you have to complete certain tasks to have your profile marked complete ( Rate 100 people, answer 150 questions, msg 10 random strangers)
Maybe its because I don’t like being told what to do by a smarmy little robot!
I have declined every Quiver match I was sent … Stupid Robot isn’t very good at his job.

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